Buy A Stud

Buy a Stud

Donate $100 and buy a Stud... for the Hospice.
Your stud will be labeled and used to form a wall or support a ceiling. 

'Buy a stud' is a wonderfully unique way to show support for the Hospice mission by leaving your name and message tagged forever into the actual walls of this important community project.

Watch our web page as the Hospice walls go up......knowing you are part of the build and are helping us build dignity for those in end of life care.

Post and share your stud with your friends. You will be provided with your stud's selfie and full bragging rights to Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Our hospice construction costs are met by a 60/40 agreement with the Ontario Provincial Government. They partially fund our capital costs and the balance is donated by people just like you, and for people just like you. We rely on the support of the public and from local companies to complete construction as well as to meet our operating expenses once we are open.

Your donation will be used in constructing our local hospice. As of January 2019 we continue to fund raise to complete this project and are very close with all government funding approved and mostly matched by public funds, but we're not quite there. Please show your support and help us complete this project on time.

Have a question? Email our Crew and tell us how we can help.

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